What is a charityware?

First of all, charityware is not a license but a status. The status of charityware is compatible with any type of license, including the General Public License and other Free or Copyleft licenses, the various Creative Commons licenses, commercial licenses, etc.

In general, charityware (a.k.a. careware) is any software that supports charity.

At charityware.info, we promote any and all types of charityware, including:

  • Free charityware is completely free. You are under no obligation to donate money, but are encouraged to do so.
  • Open-Source charityware is free and the software's source code is available. Users are allowed to change the code and pass along the modified version. Again, users are encouraged to make a donation. Examples include Vim and XPlanet.
  • Commercial charityware is software for which the proceeds are split between the developing company and a supported charity.