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These are Charity-ware components developed by Bill Menees over the years for Visual C++.

VCFiles - A few classes and routines that I find myself always needing in VC++. You may need them to build other software on my site. Some of what's contained in VCFiles:

  • ErrorDecode - A brute force function for converting an OLE error code into a readable identifier (e.g. 0x8000FFFF becomes E_UNEXPECTED).
  • COSSStorage - Classes to make working with OLE Structured Storage files, storages, and streams as easy as working with Ini files.
  • CVersionInfo - A class for easily reading the version information from any file.
  • CFileName - A class that wraps most filename operations (e.g. getting path, name, extension, UNC expanded name) and a few file operations (e.g. FileExists)
  • CLogFile - A class that handles efficiently logging text to a file and/or the NT event log.
  • CProfile - A class that wrappers Ini file and/or registry access
  • StrClass - Adds some functions to the STL string class and provides a simple StringList class which can easily load and save text files.
  • PropMacros - A few macros which make working with VC++'s __declspec(property) keyword a little easier.
  • VCRoutines - Adds the following routines: StrToIntDef, IntToStr, ParamCount, ParamStr, Round, SHSelectDirectory, ExecuteProcess, and TokenizeString.
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