Simple Slide Show

Charityware category.image - photo - photograph - picture - slide - slide-show
LicenseShareware / Careware
Operating SystemWindows

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Simple Slide Show is an easy to use no-frills Windows program for setting up and displaying a sequence of pictures, whether it's a lecture on Ancient Egypt, your portfolio of glamour photos or just your holiday snaps.
With Simple Slide Show you can:
* Set up all your pictures in the order that you want to show them by adding them to the main panel (see the sceeen shot below)
* Edit the show by moving the pictures around, deleting pictures or adding new ones
* Include sound bites and video clips
* Divide the show into sections
* Save your show
* Set up different shows for different audiences
Once you have set up your show, simply double-click the first image to display it full-screen on your monitor or television, and navigate through the show using the cursor keys.

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