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PAW is established as a not-for-profit company and charitable Trust. The Trust has a legal agreement, called a concession, with the Government of Malawi and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, to deliver conservation, eco tourism and poverty reduction programmes at Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve.
Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is a small and beautiful Reserve, only 135 km2 with over 60,000 people living close to its boundaries in what is a remote part of southern Africa. Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is very fragile and has lost most of its animals, so PAW Trust's long term objectives are:
- to repopulate Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve with the animals that used to live there, like Black Rhino and Elephant;
- to protect the Reserve by educating the local and global communities about the reserve and conservation, and by providing immediate benefits for local people;
- to develop jobs and business opportunities for local people as well as create small community projects;

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