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Pimlical is an advanced calendar application for multiple platforms.


  • Integrated display of appointments and tasks
  • Ability to filter display or find items based upon any database field
  • Customize items with colors, fonts, icons, images, advances
  • Dual alarms, before and after event, with custom sounds or custom actions including launching applications
  • Fast keyboard entry of events
  • Day, multi-day, week, month and multi-month and list views all with direct editing and drag & drop support
  • Advanced find and filter and ability to change any field on all selected events
  • Grouping and linking of events and tasks
  • Automatic logging of all actions, tracking by date and individual
    Printout of any view
    Simple import of dates from Ascii Text
  • Quick Entry Templates for entering new events and tasks
  • Dual timezones for start/end event including Home Timezone
  • Daily Journal including automatic logging of completed events/tasks
  • Hiding and masking of Secret events with password protection
  • Undelete, Undo last move, retrieve last alarm
  • Hundreds of preference settings allow extensive customization
  • Priority and Urgency settings for both tasks and events
  • Floating events, reminders and Priority pane ensure no event is forgotten
  • Full access to memo database, with full contacts database support coming very shortly.
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All the proceeds from the sale of Pimlico products benefit wildlife conservation. In fact that's why Pimlico Software exists - see the Gorilla Haven website for more information on that!

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