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This font is based on an old cast iron typewriter. The first step of building this font was to scan in every character. From there 3 versions were built (bold, italic and normal). Donations associated with the use of this font will go to the American Heart Association.

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CharityWare is a way to share fonts and, in the process, raise money for some worthwhile causes. Jason Mark, president and CEO of Gravity Switch, Inc., is offering the following fonts in exchange for a contribution to one of three organizations he has chosen. If you use a font for more than 1 month, or use it for a commercial purpose, you must send $20 to the organization associated with that font.

  • Loony Font: Because this font reminds Jason of being a happy, silly kid, he asks that your donation go to World Vision, an organization working to improve the lives of children worldwide.
  • Old Typewriter Font: Donations associated with the use of this font will go to the American Heart Association.
  • Scratchy Mess Font: Registration fees for this font will go to the National Audubon Society.
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