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These are Charity-ware components developed by Chris Menees for .NET. They are all written in C#, and full source code is provided.

1) A few classes, components, and controls that I found myself needing in .NET. You may need them to build other software on my site. Some of what's contained in Menees:

  • Complex - A complex number class.
  • FileName - A class for working with file names (e.g. getting drive, path, name, ext).
  • FormSave - A design-time component for saving and loading a form's state.
  • MenuPainter - A design-time component for doing menus with images. It can do standard menus or VisualStudio.NET-style menus. It lets you assign an image to each menu item at design time using the standard menu editor.
  • NumericTextBox - A TextBox-derived class that can be used for integer or floating-point numeric entry.
  • RecentFiles - Manages a list of recent file names including menu maintenance. It uses FormSave to persist its settings, and it can use MenuPainter to do owner-drawn menu items.
  • SafeMath - A floating point math library that will throw exceptions when infinite numbers or NaNs occur. Used by the Complex number class.
  • TextEditor - A TextBox-derived class that saves and opens files, manages recent files (with RecentFiles), and exposes several useful properties and events (e.g. CaretPoint and CaretMoved).

2) MeneesDiffUtils - Classes for determining the differences between two text or binary files and controls for displaying the differences between two text files.

  • BinaryDiff - A class for differencing binary files, streams, or byte arrays.
  • MyersDiff - A class for differencing two integer arrays using the algorithm from Eugene W. Myers's paper An O(ND) Difference Algorithm and Its Variations.
  • TextDiff - A class for differencing text files, strings, or string arrays using the MyersDiff class.
  • DiffControl, DiffView, and DiffOverview: Controls for visually displaying differences between two text files (in the style of Visual SourceSafe and WinDiff).
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