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The Good Shepherd Child Care Centre is a newly developed community based organization located in the town of Lukaya, Uganda, just two hours Southwest of the capitol city of Kampala. GSCCC was started in 2005 by John Ssentamu and is currently providing equitable and affordable education for grade levels ranging from kindergarten to primary four (fourth grade).

Developed out of dissatisfaction with the equity and affordability of government-provided primary education, John Ssentamu sought to develop a centre capable of providing preschool and primary education demonstrating significant improvements in quality, sustainability, and affordability upon government-provided primary education, which is often bereft of these and many other qualities. Ugandan government sponsored schools often exhibit enormous student to teacher ratios as high as 70:1 and even 100:1, woefully inadequate learning materials and supplies, and teachers unable to teach proper English due to their inability to speak the language effectively, all of which contribute to the enormous attrition rates of Ugandan students during the primary years. It is no surprise that the observed high attrition rates are often a direct result of students’ inability to progress academically within these all too common school environments.

Thus, it is GSCCC’s vision to address each of these shortcomings of Ugandan public education by limiting class sizes to 30 students, providing adequate learning materials for students and teachers, and seeing that a strong English language program that begins during the early pre-school years so that we may increase rates of student retention and completion of primary school in an efficacious manner. Although we at GSCCC recognize that this model of education can be expensive to carry out, requiring more teachers and classrooms, the end result is far superior in that students receive a much higher quality education in their early years, increasing student’s likelihood for future academic prosperity throughout the rest of primary school and onward.

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