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FareCatcher utilizes web based travel services like Internet Travel Network to periodically go online and obtain the lowest fare prices for specific trips that you define.

With traditional fare notification services, you receive email periodically (and unpredictably) about lowest fares for your favorite destinations. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that the fare described will be applicable to the times that you plan to travel. What good is notification about a super low fare next week when you need to travel two months from now? With FareCatcher you can state specifically when and where you want to travel. Then retrieve the fares and travel options just for those days. Also, with FareCatcher you can retrieve these fares automatically and daily so that you never miss a great (but short lived) fare.

Screenshots and much more information can be found the developer's web-site.

Targeted charity

If you like this software and choose to make it part of your regular travel routine, you are expected to make a donation to:
Autism Society of America.

Visit the web site for FareCatcher

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Suggested Donation:
The suggested donation is $25. More if you can afford it, less if you can't, but you should make some amount of donation.

  • Shopping List Deluxe: suggested ammount = 25$. Donate to: Guide Dogs of America.
  • FareCatcher: suggested ammount = 35$. Donate to: Autism Society of America.
  • FareWatcher: suggested ammount = 25$. Donate to: Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation.
  • SmartSquares: suggested ammount = 15$. Donate to: Hearts & Horses.
On 29 July, 2009 - 17:37, alice wrote:

I donated $25 to Guide Dogs of America.

As I stated in my application, I am complimentary of and intrigued by the concept of FareCatcher. When I viewed the website after reading a brief description in the newspaper, I did not realize this aid to the travelling public was also such a wonderful support for many charities. Dogs are my passion, so a lot of what I do revolves around them, from adopting strays to contributing time and money. This will continue to be the major thrust of my charitable activities.

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to a long, fulfilling relationship between myself and charityware/FareCatcher.

Alice Miller

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