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These are Charity-ware components developed by Bill Menees over the years for Borland Delphi and C++Builder. They all include the full source code.

These are all written in Object Pascal, so they work in C++Builder too.

  • TBitCheckBox - A check box that lets you specify different bitmaps for the checked, unchecked, and grayed states. It includes several sample bitmaps.
  • TFormSave - Drop this on a form and tell it what registry key to save to. Then your form will automatically restore its size and positon when it is next loaded. This works on the main form and any child forms.
  • TLinePrinter - A non-visual component that encapsulates common printing and page layout tasks. This has been superseded by TPagePrinter.
  • TMEditor and TRecentFiles - TMEditor is a TMemo descendent that encapsulates the logic for all the standard File and Edit menu actions. TRecentFiles can be used alone or in conjunction with TMEditor to maintain a list of recently used files.
  • TMultiLineBtn - A TButton descendent that allows you to put multiple lines of text as a button caption.
  • TNumEdit - A TEdit descendent that encapsulates all the logic for numeric input. It has many useful properties such as AllowFloat, AllowNegative, BeepOnError, and Value.
  • TPagePrinter - A visual component that does printing or print previewing. It allows you to print page borders, headers, footers, tables, and text in any font. This component even includes a help file.
  • TSortGrid - A TStringGrid descendent that allows you to click on a column heading to sort by that column. It also allows you to enter text at design time and to override the format (e.g. color, font, alignment) of any cell.
  • TWinSplit - A splitter control so users can dynamically resize controls at run-time. It works similar to the TSplitter control that Borland now ships, but I wrote mine a couple of years before they did.

C++Builder Components

These are written in C++, so they won't work in Delphi.

  • TSymantecProgressBar - A progress bar with a ShowCount property. So instead of seeing "57%" overlaid on the progress bar, you can display "4 of 7". This is good for indicating steps in a process instead of overall percentage.
  • TTransBitmap - A TImage-like control that lets you display a bitmap and have one color be treated as transparent.
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