Weber's DOS applets

Dr. Weber has created a range of charity-ware products, most dealing with his research into quausicrystals. While most of his software is of an academic nature, you don't need to understand the science to appreciate the beautiful patterns created by his crystal software.

Check his web site for the list of DOS applications.

Fourier Transform

This is a simple demonstration of the Fourier transform (diffraction pattern) of a point set. This program produces black/white or color PostScript output. The source code is provided with the package. This DEMO program is similar to the one that Marjorie Senechal shows in her book Quasicrystals and Geometry.


This program displays two-dimensional wallpaper-type patterns by using the symmetry operations of the 17 crystallographic spacegroups of the plane. To create a pattern you can use the integrated motif editor for drawing a structural unit, which is then used to build up the pattern by selecting a plane group.

Weber's Tiling

This interesting program generates quasiperiodic tilings with local 5..22-fold symmetry.

Morse code tutor

MORSE is a Morse Code tutor for the PC. This program serves the study of the INTERNATIONAL MORSE ALPHABET (as given in GROLIER: Book of Knowledge, 1964 ). The code is presented visually and acoustically via the PC-speaker.

Weber's Periodic Table

A useful and attractive periodic table. Available in DOS and Java formats.