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Bram is the author of Vim, a highly configurable and efficient text editor. (The large Vim user community stand as a testament to its popularity and effectiveness.) Bram also serves on the governing board of International Child Care Fund (ICCF) Holland, the charity to which proceeds from Vim are donated. ICCF Holland is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping AIDS orphans in Uganda.

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Summer 1994 to summer 1995 I spent a whole year at the [Kibaale Children's Centre (KCC)] centre [in Uganda], working as a volunteer. I have helped to expand the centre and worked in the area of water and sanitation. I learned that the help that the KCC provides really helps.

When I came back to Holland, I wanted to continue supporting KCC. To do this I'm raising funds and organizing the sponsorship program. Please consider one of these possibilities:

  1. Sponsor a child in primary school: 17 euro a month (or more).
  2. Sponsor a child in secondary school: 25 euro a month (or more).
  3. Sponsor the clinic: Any amount a month or quarter.
  4. A one-time donation.

Compared with other organizations that do child sponsorship the amounts are very low. This is because the money goes directly to the centre. Less than 5% is used for administration. This is possible because this is a small organization that works with volunteers. If you would like to sponsor a child, you should have the intention to do this for at least one year.

How do you know that the money will be spent right? First of all you have my personal guarantee as the author of Vim. I trust the people that are working at the centre, I know them personally. Further more, the centre is co-sponsored and inspected by World Vision, Save the Children Fund and International Child Care Fund. The centre is visited about once a year to check the progress (at our own cost). I have visited the centre myself in 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001 and 2003. The visit reports are on the ICCF web site.

On 10 February, 2010 - 04:15, augustin wrote:

I donated US$100 to ICCFH

I am a long time VIM user. This very web site ( is being developed with the help of VIM.

I am very grateful to Bram for his great software, for being one of the best promoter of the charityware concept, and for everything he does to support International Child Care Fund Holland.


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