Cleaning up the database of developers and charityware

As of today, all the most important elements of the software that is running is in place.

I am now busy moving developer, charity and charityware information from the old web site into this brand new web site.

As I do so, I find that many projects no longer exist. Many links are now dead. Some software is still available, but their authors no longer claim them to be charityware.

So, I must go through every piece of information, trying to contact the developers to figure out what do do on a case by case basis. I may not import all the data from the old site and any piece of information about developers and software that is not being imported will soon completely disappear: the old site will be completely deleted, and obsolete information will not be found in this new site.

I am grateful to the developers whom I am contacting, for helping me figure out what is the best course of action to take for each piece of information.

The old site is at most 1 or 2 weeks away from being deleted and redirected to here.