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Charityware update: simple slide show

Dave Midgley recently released an upgrade (version 1.0.7) of his charityware Simple Slide Show. See his web site for details.

Dave is a trustee for Project African Wilderness. He spent a long time in Malawi.

For all his efforts developing the software, Dave simply asks for a small contribution to the Project African Wilderness.1

  • 1. See the developer or the charityware page for the latest link to the donation page.


I found this today:

A charity giving skilled, computer-based jobs to impoverished workers: it's a different combination of the two same basic ideas that drive this web site: technology and charity.

Have a look at their service offerings! official launch

Today is the official opening of From now on, all links to the old web site at redirect here.

I have been spending the last couple of weeks updating the old database of developers and charityware. I may have made some mistakes in the process, deleting some charityware that should still be listed here. If so, please contact me and I'll promptly rectify the situation.

Again, I would like to thank Adam Warren for his past and current involvement in charitable causes, and for all his help during the transition process.

The new web site is designed to be a community web site: registered users can help expanding and improving the wiki section, use their own blog here to post their opinions on the charityware they use, create, etc.

I am grateful to all of you, for your contributions to the charityware concept, and to good causes in general.

Charityware web site founder and charityware developer featured in the Hamilton Spectator

On November 28, 2003, charityware developer Bill Menees and the charityware web site founder, Adam Warren, were featured in the Hamilton Spectator. The article is no longer available on their web site, so it is reproduced here:

Cleaning up the database of developers and charityware

As of today, all the most important elements of the software that is running is in place.

I am now busy moving developer, charity and charityware information from the old web site into this brand new web site.

As I do so, I find that many projects no longer exist. Many links are now dead. Some software is still available, but their authors no longer claim them to be charityware.

Thank you Adam Warren

I absolutely wanted the very first post on this site to be a word of thanks to Adam Warren.

Adam Warren has created in 2001 and has been its maintainer until December 2008 when he passed the torch on to myself.